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Today, January 22, 2021, the Arizona-based blues band, The Deadbeat Cousins have released their lead single and music for a track called “Time Is Up”, exclusively via . The song comes from their upcoming sophomore album Old Habits, which marks released with their complete lineup. Time Is Up can be heard and seen in their cinematic music HERE:

The was produced, directed and edited by Cory Davis of . Guitarist, Jaren Soelberg says “This song deals with the struggles that everyone deals with in life: time, money, love, etc. We all have our doubts and anxieties, our own “devil’s in the details”, and while we wish we could just close our eyes and have our problems disappear, that’s not how life works.”

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Since forming in Phoenix, Arizona in 2017, The Deadbeat Cousins have been making a name for themselves with their punchy blues riffs and energetic performances. After years of playing music with various projects, spanning multiple genres, old friends Matt Shaker (vocals,guitar)  and guitarist Jaren Soelberg, along with bassist Jess Soelberg (yes, they are related) and drummer Jason Roedl decided to get together and get back to basics. Infusing elements of alternative, rock, and blues, The Deadbeat Cousins have created a sound of their own that is both new and fresh, yet familiar and nostalgic. 

Tims Is Up by

In 2019, the released their debut album Get By and after being selected for the Spotify editorial All New playlist, their single Slow Down secured them over thirty thousand streams in less than a month, with subsequent radio both domestic and abroad. With tours in the works, they were sharing with national acts including and when 2020 hit. As music lovers everywhere know all too well, everything was cancelled. The had to rethink what the year was going to be for them. Being confined to their homes led to an explosion of songwriting, rehearsing and recording. In the summer of 2020, the band, along with producer Dominic Armstrong, teamed at 513 Recording Studios in Tempe, AZ and started cranking out new music. By of 2020, they had two albums ready to go and a plan to release their sophomore album Old Habits. The 10-track album was mastered by Bill Skibbe at Third Man Mastering in Detroit, Michigan and gives you that good ole’ taste of n’ roll with a healthy dose of blues. The album will be released over the next months, single by single. 


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