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2013_10-26_WL_Halloween-Party_Mirror-Image with Very Special Guests are headlining the “HAUNTED HALLOWEEN NIGHTS!” COSTUME PARTY & MAYHEM GALA! put on by Lunara Productions at Mirror Image Studios! hits the stage at 10:00PM sharp with a very special one time lineup!

WHEN: Saturday, October 26, 2013

All-Stars & Guests:

Kevin Reye (guitar): TRIIX, Zodiac, Black Sheep, Martial Law, Michael Bolton Band, Network, Power Squadron, Fortress, Monster Project

Rik Fox (bass): WASP, Steeler & Sin [very special guest]

Kleber Mandrake (vocals): Axe Hammer

Patrick J. McKeon (vocals): Max Havoc & Bad Moon

Johnny Zell (bass): Chris Holmes Band, Wood, & Venus Envy

Bob Brunner (drums): Short Final, OC/DC, Bad Animals, & Blackout

One very special night indeed!!! This Halloween Party will include killer OC original rock/metal bands such as , The Ominous, After Shock, Evile Annie, & Maxxwell Carlisle. The show is brought to you by Lunara Productions (Lulu Luna). Don’t miss the best Halloween Party in town! Costume Contest, give aways, & other surprises…! Be sure to dress up in your scariest & sexiest costume, because there is a contest. While costumes aren’t mandatory, I recommend wearing one to make the night fun & interesting…! All ages event. Doors open at 7 PM. Tickets are going fast & they’re super cheap, only $10 !!!

Come down to see with members from WASP, Steeler, Sin, Max Havoc, Axe Hammer, Chris Holmes Band, Short Final, Zodiac, TRIIX, Black Sheep, Martial Law, Network, Power Squadron, Fortress, Monster Project, & the MICHAEL BOLTON BAND, and join in the party mayhem craziness!

DON’T WALK – RUN! Get you tickets NOW, before they’re gone…!


Purchase via PayPal ‘Send Money’, or, from Kevin Reye direct:

1 ) Log into PayPal with your account/profile.

2 ) Use the “Send Someone Money” feature.

3 ) Enter payee email address (

4 ) Enter payment amount ($10 x N tickets = total amount).

5 ) Enter payment as a “Personal”,“Gift”,”Family & Friends”

6 ) Notification will be sent to me indicated a payment.

7 ) Tickets will be left at Will Call under the purchasers name (or) they can be mailed to purchaser.If by mail, include ‘ship to’ address in the transaction comments/message. Within a week of show date, Will Call only.

Example: 2 tickets at $10 = $20

See you there! We’ll have our costumes, will you have yours…?



Mirror Image Studios

1254 N. La Loma circle

Anaheim, California 92806


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