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“At any given moment, ‘’ feels like it could go right off the rails in a blaze of glory – but it never does, serving as a perfect indication of ’ ability to remain in complete control, even in the midst of creating unadulterated, unhinged and unpredictable rock and roll.”


–Chuck Armstrong, DIFFUSER.FM


the emerging four-piece Houston, Texas-based rock band have partnered with DIFFUSER.FM to premiere their new guitar-fueled lead single “” off the band’s upcoming EP of the same name.

Drew Haught (vocals/guitar)Vinc Prihoda (guitar),Chris Badger (bass), and Zach Elizondo (drums)-will release  Tuesday, June 16 via all digital retailers, including iTunes and Amazon. Marking their third studio recording, the EP highlights the band’s blazing hard rock with striking psychedelic styling.

“We are super happy with this EP,” says Haught “Were a live act, which is a hard thing to translate into a recording but we were lucky enough to create it with people who understand how rock and roll should be recorded. We can’t wait to release it and see what happens.”

Drummer Elizondo agrees, “I’m really proud of how the EP turned out. These 4 songs are a great representation of who we are and how we have grown as a band.  We recorded it live, which definitely brings out the high energy of our live show. It was also fun to be very hands on during the mixing and production of everything. That helped capture the sound and feel that we were going for.”

In advance of the EP’s release, the band will hit the festival stage June 6 and 7 performing at Free Press Summer Festival in Houston, TX alongside other artists such as Mastodon, Skrillex and Weezer, among others.

“Free Press Summer Fest is amazing,” says Haught. “We’ve been as fans almost every year and it’s always been great so we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such an awesome festival. Playing live is what we live for but it makes it even more bad-ass when you cant wait to watch every act that is on the bill!”
Track listing for RUIN YOUR WEEKEND:

1. “Home”

2. “Ruin Your Weekend”

3. “She’s Alone”

4. “One Eye”

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