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Xander Peace pirates 1-22-15A whirlwind began just one year ago when Henry Juszkiewick, CEO of Gibson Guitars, came across on YouTube.  Gibson invited ‘XATPP’ to CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas early January where they formed such an impression upon their sponsor and the crowd of attendees worldwide,  they were immediately invited to NAMM 2014.  While performing for Gibson onlookers, a chance meeting occurred with Eddie Kramer; recording producer who collaborated with such artists as Jimmy Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Kiss and Led Zeppelin.  Kramer can even add a music festival known as Woodstock on his outstanding repertoire.  Kramer and his wife stopped as they heard this fantastic sound coming from the Gibson room.  After their performance, Kramer was blown away and left his card.  Within 24 hours they were talking with each other about recording a record.

Brothers Stu and Keith Xander and band mate Michael Gay once again hit the Gibson booth for a performance at .  The soulful blues-rock has a rawness and sensuality that flows effortlessly.  The band has supported such revered guitarists as Joe Bonamassa, Joe Satriani along with a personal invitation to support ex-Whitesnake and blues guitarist Bernie Marsden for his UK tour.  The band hangs their hometown hats in Liverpool and has just finished a five-year reign as the resident band for the world-famous Cavern Club.

bring portentous melodies with awe-inspiring guitar riffs to each performance.  Their organic passion for music isx captivating and competently shares their message of love and peace to the audience, who return appreciation with standing ovations.



Twitter: @thepeacepirates


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