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Columbus, OH rock band XFactor1 is proud to announce the release of their new album Famous. Last. Words. today. The album is being released through Megaforce Records. The new single “Bring It On“ will be impacting rock radio later this month.

Famous. Last. Words. is currently being streamed in it’s entirety on AOL at this location The band is also a featured Artist To Watch on Clear Channel / iHeartRadio

Xfactor1 was formed with the intent of bringing decadence, passion, and intensity to the people who matter most, the fans.  Xfactor1’s dedication and strong work ethic proves their desire to be seen and heard and once prompted a writer for a rock magazine to proclaim them “Americas blue collar band”.  They wear it like a badge of honor!

With the help of their favorite sponsor Jagermeister and through their own efforts, XFactor1 has played alongside some of the top bands in active rock on the Mayhem, Uproar, and Rock On The Range festivals.  Xfactor1 has toured nationally with Mushroomhead, Flaw, Psychostick, Bobaflex, etc.  The band is constantly winning over new legions of fans they call XNation.

In 2011, Red Bull listed XFactor1 as a top 5 band to watch.  Their hard hitting, socially conscience videos have received tens of thousands of views on Youtube.  Xfactor1’s 2010 album release Hope For Tomorrow charted 4 weeks in the top 10 of Billboards Heatseekers chart.

Xfactor1 is back with another hard hitting, soul baring album about real life through the eyes of real people.  Famous.Last.Words. is a proclamation of “this is my life…and I won’t back down.”

For more  information, check out the XFactor1 Facebook:

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