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Since its inception in 2004, Pigtronix has pursued a conceptual approach to pedal design called F.A.T. – Futuristic Analog Tone. The journey to fulfill this ambitious vision has led the upstart pedal manufacturer through uncharted musical territories to breakout success at retail, while inspiring a legion of fans across the globe. Pigtronix now sets a new standard for tube distortion in stompbox form, with the all new FAT Drive pedal at Winter NAMM 2012. The name of this pedal represents the very essence of the Pigtronix mission and its unique overdrive circuit hits the mark in every way.

Pigtronix has distilled the essential soul of tube overdrive into the straightforward yet remarkably flexible design of the new FAT Drive. This potent pedal is loaded with multiple  cascaded gain stages, delivering musically dynamic and remarkably touch sensitive overdrive tones. FAT drive beefs up your tone without masking the natural sound of the instrument. Unlike many one-trick-pony effects; the FAT Drive delivers a full spectrum of overdrive tones, from subtle bite to raging crunch, all with convincing authority.

FAT Drive’s massive gain section is coupled to a variable low pass filter for sculpting the sound you require. Regardless of what guitar and amp combination you favor, the astounding full range gain structure of the FAT Drive pedal will make it your instant favorite “go-to” overdrive for rhythm and lead.

FAT drive is a future classic. Play Pigtronix, get F.A.T.
“The Pigtronix FAT Drive is exactly what I’ve been looking for. ” – Eric Krasno – Soulive / Lettuce/

Pigtronix FAT Drive carries a list price of $175 and is available now at Pigtronix dealers worldwide.

Check out the FAT Drive and the whole 2012 lineup of Pigtronix effects at:

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