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ArtistWorks, the leading provider of interactive online music lessons, announced record growth in 2012, more than doubling revenue and increasing membership by 77% during the period.

2012 also found this innovative eLearning provider doubling the number of its online schools from 12 to 24, adding rock and classical guitar schools along with a three-school online bass campus, a seven-school online classical campus, and an online vocal school among others.

ArtistWorks also announced that it will expand the breadth of its offerings beyond music with the signing of world renowned visual artist Justin BUA to become the anchor of its first online art school. The new online art school is expected to launch in the Summer of 2013.

The bedrock of ArtistWorks’ eLearning offerings is its patent-pending Video Exchange™ Feedback Platform that combines the best of video lessons with one-on-one video interaction with a master teacher.

The ArtistWorks Video Exchange Platform starts with a comprehensive library of video lessons and support materials developed by a highly accomplished teacher. Members get unlimited access to all these lessons and can work through them online at their own pace.

When questions arise, members can submit videos to the school for their teacher’s review. Their master teacher then records a video response detailing the student’s strengths and providing additional exercises to correct weak points and expand on strengths.

These Video Exchanges are paired together, combined with the lessons and made available for all students to see and learn from, creating a virtual master class where everyone gets individual attention from the teacher.

“The huge growth we experienced in 2012 serves as a jumping off point for the next phase of our mission,” says ArtistWorks CEO David Butler. “Having proven the Video Exchange Platform in the music arena, we are excited to expand to visual arts and beyond in 2013.”

About Justin BUA

Groundbreaking artist and author Justin BUA is internationally known for his bestselling collection of fine art posters—”The DJ” being one of the most popular prints of all time. His energetic and vocal worldwide fan base ranges from former presidents, actors, musicians, professional athletes, and dancers to street kids and art connoisseurs.

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