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Evanescence FOH engineer Eddie Mapp is on a short break before beginning a string of shows in Central and South America with the band known for its powerful vocals and gothic rock performances. Tour stops include: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Columbia and Panama. It’s a tour that started in October 2011 and looks to be booked solid through 2012.

Mapp explains: “The greatest challenge with this tour has been the traveling! We’ve had some pretty unique routing this time out with little time between stops, sometimes traveling nearly half way across the globe with almost no time for error.”

Having been with the band since 2003 Mapp considers this latest tour one of the most demanding but rewarding: “To have the opportunity to travel once again with a great group of people that are committed to making music and having fun while doing it is great. Traveling can be tedious at times and I think it’s important to remember that working in music should be a fun and enjoyable time for everyone. With that in mind shooting for consistency night after night is something that I think everyone strives for and being able to deliver a solid show while bouncing around the globe is very important. I try to surround myself with people and products that I trust and depend on to help give the audience the best experience possible and Radial definitely fits in both of those categories. “

Along on this tour is an impressive list of Radial gear: 9 J48 active DIs, 4 JDX guitar amp DIs, 2 SW8 backing track switchers and 2 JPC computer DIs. “I’ve used the J48s for years and they’ve always been a rock solid DI that I take with me wherever I go. I recently switched to using JDXs from another speaker emulating DI and this one is definitely voiced so that the guitar sits right where I need it in the mix. As for the SW8s, I thought that this would be a product that would catch on very quickly especially with many artists who use accompaniment tracks. The JPCs convert the output of my Mac mini that I have rack mounted which handles all of my system tuning processing and plays the walk in music as well. I never have noise issues anymore with laptops being plugged into the same power source as the console which has been frustrating in the past.”

Mapp is also a Radial user when he is not touring with Evanescence. “I’ve got several J48s and a few mono and stereo PRO-DIs that I use for local gigs as well as on remote tracking sessions.”

Evanescence’s first full-length album Fallen (2003) sold over 17 millions copies worldwide. They also won two Grammys in 2004 for Best New Artist and Best Hard Rock Performance while nominated in two other categories. Their current tour is in support of their self titled album released fall of 2011.

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