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The long lost cousin of Flattus Maximus, Pustulus Maximus has officially joined the ranks of the mighty GWAR. Pustulus will make his stage debut on the upcoming “Fate of Chaos” tour and be  using his upcoming Blakhart Signature Guitar. Pustulus has officially joined the Blakhart Family as a Signature Artist.

Notable Blakhart artists include Jack Owen (Deicide), Mike Flores (Origin), Philip Fasciana (Malevolent Creation), Giulio Moschini (Hour of Penance), John Hartman (Waking the Cadaver), Shaune Kelley (Dim Mak), Martin Schulman/Daniel Gustavsson (Demonical), Gregory Macklin (Jeff Loomis), Claudeous Creamer (Dragonlord) and many more.

Statement from Pustulus Maximus:
“Guitars need to serve more than a single purpose for me. They must create tonal chaos as well as kill humans alike for which I have chose Blakhart to create just such a weapon, the Whargoul.” No further comment…

From his slave guitar tech:
Instruments for this band aren’t show pieces we can keep pretty and polished. These are tools that have to be able to work every day, stay in tune and be able to take a hit from giant monsters, rogue beer bottles, blood, you name it. Blakhart is a company that can not only build the right tools for the job but can work alongside the artist throughout their relationship. It’s important to work with people that really understand metal music and the needs of a player in that industry and Chad definitely delivers on both of those all the way. The strangest things can happen to your gear on the road or even at home but Blakhart will have your back and make sure you get taken care of. “

“We are thrilled to welcome Pustulus Maximus to the most brutal family in music. I am confident that he will make an excellent addition to our already amazing roster of talent. Blakhart has been, and will continue to be, dedicated to supporting and representing the best in the industry. Pustulus will no doubt prove he is just that.”
– Chad Petit / Blakhart Guitars


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