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Tonebone PlexitubeFor Montreal based progressive rock band Heaven’s Cry it was a case of the classic seven year itch..but in reverse.  After putting a hold on the band’s efforts in 2004 they came back together in 2011 and released their latest album “Wheels of Impermanence” in October of last year.

Guitarist Eric Jarrin explains: “I think the time was right for everyone to get back together and start working on Heaven’s Cry again.  None of us had left the music scene; we all worked on many projects. The new recording technology and all the experiences that we acquired as musicians as well as personally gave us an opening to start working on our music again.”

The re-formed band of Pierre St-Jean (vocals), Sylvain Auclair (bass), Eric Jarrin (guitar)  and René Lacharité (drums) performed at the  ProgPower Europe Festival in October last year and the band recently signed on to perform at the ProgPower USA Festival this September.  The band has also signed with Prosthetic Records and will re-release two of its earlier albums. Jarrin: “Food For Thought Substitute” was recorded in 1996 and “Primal Power Addiction” in 2002. Both albums have been completely remixed and re-mastered from the original recording tapes and they sound huge now! We’ve always felt that the quality of the recordings didn’t pay respect to the music we’ve created on these albums.  We are already working on some new material as well as we feel we need to prove to the world that the band is back for real and it won’t take another 10 years to release our 4th album!”

The band has also included some new technology for their live performances. “To be able to travel light without any band back-line, we tried to find a way to have the best guitar tone without playing with a big high gain tube stack. The answer was the Tonebone Plexitube. It’s the only thing we tried out that delivered the same qualities of a high gain tube amp cranked up in a tiny metal box. It’s just amazing. No more huge stack of amps to carry around on every stage we step foot on. And trust me, we are very picky about guitar tone and the Plexitube delivers. We just got back from Europe using the Plexitube and it is our main live guitar accessory now. No amps on stage, just the Plexitube going into a speaker simulator DI with in-ear monitoring! It’s funny cuz all you hear on stage are drums. You got to be in front of the PA to get all the instruments and vocals. But our sound engineer doesn’t struggle with stage sound leaking into the venue anymore!”  

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