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IK Multimedia T-RackSIK Multimedia, a pioneer and global leader in music-creation software, mobile apps and music-making hardware for musicians, engineers and producers, announced a new version of T-RackS® (version .2) for Mac/PC, the full-featured mixing-and-mastering-effects standalone app and plug-in, which adds of the most revered British compressor/limiters, that’s been used by studios around the globe for over 0 years. This new model is available à-la-carte in the new version of T-RackS through its built-in online Custom Shop – a free from the IK web site, and the only music-gear shop open 2/7 and providing models of high-end effects gear for mixing and mastering.

The new version also adds 64- and 32-bit AAX (Avid Audio Extension) compatibility. As a result, T-RackS now integrates seamlessly with the latest versions of Avid Pro Tools®. Other supported plug-in formats include AU (Audio Units), VST and RTAS. On 6-bit systems, the plug-in also works in 32-bit compatibility mode.

New Precision Compressor/Limiter
T-RackS Custom Shop .2 adds a longtime favorite piece of gear: the Precision Compressor/Limiter. This gear model is based on a classic 1970s solid-state compressor/limiter unit that’s been the “must-have” compressor/limiter in studios worldwide for over 0 years. The Precision model imparts a warm “fat and thick” sonic character, but isn’t overly aggressive, even at higher compression ratios. The result is a very transparent yet musical sound that doesn’t lose or detail, and is perfectly suited for virtually any mastering, -production or broadcast application.

The Precision Compressor/Limiter features two main sections, the Compressor and the Limiter. The Compressor section has a fixed attack time (which is influenced in part by the selected ratio) and the release time can be selected from 6 values, two of which are automatic and dependent upon the audio material. The Limiter features a switchable slow/fast attack setting, a fixed ratio and adjustable recovery time. The limited control is extremely easy to use, and makes it possible for users to achieve high-quality results in a short amount of time.

About the T-RackS Custom Shop
IK Multimedia pioneered analog modeling in 1999 with the original version of T-RackS, desktop-mastering-software suite, and has been at the forefront of developing mixing-and-mastering software ever since. The T-RackS Custom Shop features a growing array of vintage and modern processing effects and modules that add the perfect touch to virtually every style of music. Its flexible module-based architecture lets users configure the chain of mastering effects quickly and easily, and save configurations as presets for instant recall. T-RackS processors can be used on individual channel strips for mixing applications in a DAW, on the master fader or AUX faders, or as a standalone mastering for final polish.

T-RackS Custom Shop is IK’s innovative shopping platform that allows users to try and buy individual processors any time from the comfort of their own studio. All T-RackS processors can be demoed for a period of 2 days, and purchased at a time right from the Custom Shop. T-RackS Custom Shop software is free, and can be downloaded from the IK Multimedia web site.

Pricing and availability
The new Precision Compressor/Limiter is available for purchase now in the T-RackS Custom Shop, using Custom Shop gear credits. Gear Credit Packs start as low as $19.99/€15.99 (for 20 credits) and go incrementally to $499.99/€399.99* (for 1,000 credits).
*All prices exclude taxes

With Gear Credit Packs, users can purchase the Precision Compressor/Limiter for 100 credits. To commemorate the new module, two popular channel strips, British Channel and White Channel, plus Bus Compressor, which is modeled after a classic British mix-bus processor, are now being sold for 100 credits each, a 17% markdown.

To access the new processors, existing T-RackS users should the free upgrade to T-RackS from their user area before launching the Custom Shop.

New users can T-Racks Custom Shop for Free here:

For more information about T-RackS and T-RackS Custom Shop, please visit

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