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At this year’s 54th annual Grammy Awards, the nod for Technical Grammy goes to Celemony’s Melodyne editing software.

Since its release more than a decade ago, Melodyne, has become an invaluable tool for studio professionals, gaining recognition as one of the most powerful and unique audio editors available. And PreSonus Studio One software is the only digital audio workstation software to fully and seamlessly integrate Melodyne into the program.

Producer and songwriter A.R. Rahman has called Melodyne a milestone in audio processing, saying, “Melodyne has completely changed how I record music. With Melodyne one can seamlessly correct out-of-tune notes in a piano track, change the chords in a harmonic accompaniment after it’s been recorded, or manipulate the timing within notes. The creation of music is enriched by this technology.”

PreSonus Studio One integrates Melodyne so tightly that it becomes essentially part of the program. Melodyne’s editing window opens within Studio One, and edits created in Melodyne can be immediately auditioned within Studio One, without cumbersome porting of files between the two programs.

“PreSonus has long recognized the unparalleled power Melodyne brings to audio editing, and we knew early on that integrating it into Studio One was a big part of creating the next generation of DAW software,” said Jim Odom, PreSonus co-founder, President and Chief Strategy Officer. “We’re truly excited that theRecordingAcademyhas recognized Celemony with this tremendous award, and we’re proud to be associated with such an innovative team.”

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