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The Super Bowl Half Time Show has been home to many memorable guitar moments, and Super Bowl XLVI will be no exception. Phillip Jarrell of Jarrell Guitars announced at the 2012 NAMM Show the first live performance of the revolutionary new Monte Pittman Signature Jarrell MPS guitar during Super Bowl KLVI Halftime Show on Sunday, February 5th, courtesy of Monte Pittman, Grammy Award winning artist Madonna’s guitarist for the past ten years. NAMM Show 2012 attendees had the first opportunity to get ‘hands on, up close and personal’ with the instrument, experiencing its unique vibe.

Pittman and his Signature Jarrell guitar join an extraordinary group of guitarists who have performed at Super Bowl Half Time Shows, including Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash who stole the show from The Black Eyed Peas and Usher in 2011, Bruce Springsteen, who showed viewers that he was still “The Boss” with a crowd pleasing around the body guitar spin in 2009, and Prince, whose 2007 guitar solo was played behind a transparent sheet and held in a way that left critics deeming it “Phallic.” In 2006, Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones banged it out with a boldness that was touted as a “raw, dirty, guitar sound, and in 2002, The Edge joined U2 and Bono in 2002 for a hypnotic guitar solo on “Where The Streets Have No Name.”

The Monte Pittman Signature Jarrell MPS is the result of the collaboration between the award-winning visionary designer Phillip Jarrell and world-renowned artist, writer, and guitarist Monte Pittman. Pittman plays so many different styles of music during any given performance that, until now, he required many different types of guitars to accommodate his needs. Utilizing Pittman’s feedback, Jarrell Guitars worked with MJ at the Seymour Duncan Shop to transform the finest MPS guitar at the time into something completely new – the most versatile instrument ever made. The Monte Pittman Signature Jarrell MPS boasts a mega set of Seymour Duncan pickups with a P-Rail neck, STk-S7 Vintage Hot Stack middle and a custom design SH-13 Dime Bucker Bridge. Both neck and bridge have 3 position mini switches, with custom wiring using a Super 5 way switch, and a kill switch. All together it seems Monte Pittman and Jarrell Guitars are hell-bent on rocking the world – the sound of which is none other than simply amazing.

Jarrell Guitars was named “2010 Manufacturer of the Year” at the Music Industries Association of Canada (MIAC) Show in Canada, and has received accolades from


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