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MXL, a leading manufacturer of consumer and professional grade recording microphones today announced the upcoming release of the Trio, the latest in the iPad® compatible USB condenser microphones. The trio, which also works with PC and Apple ® computers, is specially designed to also work with both versions of the iPad®. Built out of a rugged all metal design, it is designed for the traveling recording artist in mind, as well as consumers who want to podcast and web chat with high quality voice reproduction.

The Trio is an addition to the already popular Tempo series from MXL. The Trio allows users to record on-the-go into their iPad® using the Camera Connector Kit. It’s great for music recording, pod casting, and over the internet web chat, with services such as Skype®, ooVoo®, iChat®, and Google talk®.  A zero latency headphone jack is built into the body of the microphone. The user is able to plug their headphone right into the mic to monitor their recording, a feature not all USB mics have.

“The Trio sports that classic microphone look, like some of the most expensive studio mics. With a handsome body style, great sound, and rugged all metal body, we feel that it meets the needs of today’s consumers, home recording artists, and podcasters,” states Perry Goldstein, Sales and Marketing Manager of MXL. “The number of people podcasting, and recording music on the go, using their iPad® is growing everyday. Trio provides an opportunity for the consumer to sound like a professional, at a consumer friendly price point.”


  • iPad® compatible
  • PC and Mac® OS compatible
  • Ideal for vocals & podcasts
  • Built-in high fidelity headphone jack
  • Great for web or video chats
  • Metal Body
  • Makes professional grade technology affordable for the consumer.
  • Classic, Studio Mic look

The Trio will be available in late January 2012, at music stores and computer stores everywhere.

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