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PreSonus™ is now shipping Studio One™ 2.0.5, a free update to all versions of the company’s DAW software for Mac® and Windows® that adds several important new features and fixes a variety of issues.

Among the new features:

Any Studio One command can now be assigned to any MIDI CC message. Use any MIDI control surface with Studio One, even if it isn’t natively supported.

Ampire™ XT amp models have been reworked to sound significantly better.

Markers can now have a Stop flag that stops playback at the marker.

The new Macro Toolbar is an extension that allows powerful customized workflow within Studio One. With this feature, you can create macros that string together multiple commands to form a single action. Groups and buttons can be freely added to the Macro Toolbar for existing commands, making it possible to bring what is important to your personal workflow to the surface. You also can map buttons on a MIDI controller to trigger macros, even when using control surfaces that are not natively supported.

In addition, the Studio One manual is now available in German, Japanese, Spanish, and French.

The free Studio One 2.0.5 update includes more than a dozen additional enhancements and fixes a variety of issues. For a complete list, please  click here.

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