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It’s pretty heady stuff to be in your early twenties and already have established a legacy in your home country. Tunisian born bass guitarist Anis Jouini and his band Myrath have indeed accomplished this. As the first band from the small North African country to sign to a label, it’s quite fitting that the band’s name translates to ‘legacy’.

Myrath made its start in 2001 as a cover band but over a number of years has grown to develop its own style. Now 30, Jouini  (who joined the band in 2007) contributes to their distinctive style of prog-power metal using oriental rhythms, scales, harmonies and traditional Tunisian melodies. According to Jouini: “We try as hard as we can to give a little specificity in our music, in fact, this is our imprint which identifies us from the other bands and reflects our origins.”

The band has developed a solid fan base within Tunisia but even more so beyond borders. Jouini celebrates what his experience with Myrath has offered him: “Of course I get lots of support in my hometown especially from my family, friends and even fans in my country. I’m the first Arabian Tunisian Bass player who is endorsed. My goal is to make Tunisia proud of me.  This is the greatest thing that ever happened to me, the opportunity to talk with different people from different places even without knowing their language and they don’t know yours and I’m like God! This is incredible how music can unite people and spread peace!”

Myrath is currently touring in support of W.A.S.P., will headline a show in Switzerland and will also play the Power Prog and Metal Festival in Belgium in April. One piece of gear that Jouini always has with him on tour is his Radial Bassbone. “Because I like the simplicity in my life, I like to be simple when I play my music! My Bassbone gives me the opportunity to get the sound like I want, without having to connect a lot of pedals. It’s easy to connect, easy to handle, robust!  This is an ultimate weapon for me. I can finally go on stage or in the studio knowing that the sound of my bass will not change because Bassbone is made for this. I finally found my identity with this little jewel. If you are a bass player you will understand what I mean.”

The band is working on their fourth album between additional tour dates in France, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania.  Their first album “Hope” was released in September 2007, second album “Desert Call” in January 2010 and most recently “Tales of the Sands” in 2011.

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