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Radial Engineering Ltd. is pleased to announce they were awarded Best in Show at the 133 AES Convention in San Francisco for two products: the Gold Digger (Mic Selector) and the Cherry Picker (Preamp Selector).

These innovative products were duly recognized for their ability to improve studio workflow while also benefiting the artist’s performance.  With the Gold Digger and Cherry Picker it is easy and efficient to get the artist involved in the process of selecting mics and preamps.

The Gold Digger lets you compare up to 4 microphones and quickly switch between them using radio-style push-button selectors. It features a trim control to balance the mic outputs. Straight-wire connectivity using relays for zero distortion. It also generates phantom power thus eliminating any switching noise.

The Cherry Picker Preamp Selector lets you compare up to 4 preamps and includes a ground lift on each channel to eliminate hum and buzz and, like the Cherry Picker, is built with straight-wire connectivity and generates its own phantom power.

Awarded by Pro Sound News and Pro Audio Review magazines, Best in Show products are singled out during the show by the magazines’ editors who comb the show floor for new and noteworthy products. Radial President Peter Janis: “We always enjoy the AES show. It gives us a chance to sit down and chat with all types of audio engineers and enthusiasts. To win a Best of Show makes the show twice as exciting!  We are truly honored to be recognized for these two products.”

Working in tandem these units create the ultimate in efficiency for the engineer in studio. Comparing several mics with a selection of preamps is easy. One simply connects the output from the Gold Digger to the Cherry Picker’s input and you can now set up a matrix to find the most suitable combination for a given vocal track or instrumental.

Both the Gold Digger and the Cherry Picker will start shipping in November 2012 at a retail price of $400 USD each.

For more information on the Gold Digger and Cherry Picker.

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