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Audio specialist Sennheiser announced that its distributed brand, TRUE Systems, has relaunched the highly successful P-SOLO precision mic and instrument preamplifier with significant improvements to the original design and manufacturer specifications. The upgrade, which also applies to the newer P-SOLO Ribbon, is intended to produce noticeable improvements in sonic clarity, long-term reliability and unit-to-unit consistency of the P-SOLO.

The P-SOLO, which is a compact, single-channel preamplifier based on the design and sound of the acclaimed Precision 8 and P2analog preamps, is the perfect solution for home/project studios and delivers uncompromising quality at an affordable price. Updates to the P-SOLO include gold-contact switches, a surface-mount technology (SMT) design, 0.1% precision resistors, and changes to the nomenclature of the front panel, which were implemented as a result of direct feedback from users.

“When we launched the P-SOLO six years ago, our goal was to put a truly high-end, single channel preamplifier in the hands of the serious musician or recording engineer,” commented Tim Spencer, president of TRUE Systems. “In launching the updated P-SOLO, we have taken a proven, best-in-class product and made it even better, improving both the sound and usability. The P-SOLO is now more relevant than ever for anyone who craves professional quality in asmall and flexible package.”

The P-SOLO is a truly diverse preamplifier suitable not only for home and project studios, but also for live and on-location applications. Designed to provide stunning sonic detail with a neutral, musical character, the P-SOLO provides superior results with any type of microphone: condenser, dynamic or ribbon.

TRUE Systems P-SOLO at a glance

  • Natural, musical, highly detailed soundfield
  • Complete compatibility with condenser, dynamic and ribbon mics
  • A totally balanced, dual servo, high dynamic range, transformerless design
  • Internal linear AC power supply for excellent transient response
  • Instrument input/DI: high-impedance discrete FET
  • High-pass filter and 48V phantom power
  • Dual analog outputs
  • Four-level metering
  • Oversize volume control with selectable low gain position
  • Compact, portable, solid desktop case

The upgraded version of the P-SOLO is available now. Pricing remains $599.95.

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