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Tone Americana announced today the new Evil Robot-C30.  Distributors have been asking for this model since the USA model launched in 2010.  The imported Evil Robot-C30 offers distributors more features at a price point customers can easily afford.

The success of Fretted Americana’s YouTube channel spurred the creation of the Evil Robot. It was the long standing friendship between Fretted Americana’s talented Creative Director/Editor, Dustin Jack and Phil X that got things started. David Brass of Fretted Americana needed a guitar videoed for an overseas client and Dustin asked Phil to drop by as a favor to do a short demo. The rest is history. With over 23,000,000 views and 39,000 subscribers, guitarist Phil X takes viewers on a journey of vintage guitars, rock riffs and music mayhem.  What piqued the interest of tone junkies around the world was the versatility of the amps he played through.  What started as a one off custom build evolved into the original Evil Robot, appropriately named by Dustin Jack, and now the more economical Evil Robot-C30.  The 18,000 weekly views when a new video is released are growing exponentially each week and will definitely prove to be a great selling tool for future distributors and retailers.

Evidence of the influential videos was seen at the 2012 NAMM Show.  Audiences gathered around the Evil Robot booth to see, hear and meet the inspiring Phil X play through the Evil Robot-C30 for the first time.  The experience was summed up by the U.K.’s Lee Anderton of Anderton’s Music store “I’ve just flown 5000 miles to the NAMM show and the Evil Robot-C30 is the best product I tried at the show.” He went on to purchase inventory for his store.

The Evil Robot-C30 features 30W Class A power section complete with cooling fan, power on switch and a three function toggle switch for Standby, 18W, and 30W operation.  The front end includes two switching channels with independent volume controls having a range from classic rock and blues, to country and jazz.  In addition, the Evil Robot-C30 comes with a unique 50s style vibrato, a master volume and old school, chicken head knobs.  On the back end, the combo amp features an external speaker out, impedance selector and remote foot switch connector for A and B channels and Vibrato.  The Evil Robot-C30 also features industrial ear tuned transformers and a custom 12” speaker customized specifically for an older vintage style tone.  All weighing in at under 28 lbs.

In acknowledgement for his contribution, each Evil Robot bears the name of Phil X.  Phil works extensively with Fretted Americana as the host of over 300 videos produced to demonstrate, promote and sell the inventory of Fretted Americana.  A constant fixture in the L.A. music scene, it was Phil who filled the shoes of Richie Sambora during the last Bon Jovi tour.

To achieve the design and tones of the Evil Robot-C30, Tone Americana sought the help of recognized designer/engineer, John Kasha who was responsible for sourcing, quality control and manufacturing of the Evil Robot-C30 overseas.  Kasha Designs was also responsible the original classic Evil Robot hand wired USA models including the Combo, Head and 2×12 Speaker Cabinet and Reverb Pedal.

Tone Americana is now seeking to establish domestic retailers and international distributors.
MSRP $899.00 USD

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