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Why a greatest hits album? Could they really have enough music under their belts? Have they defined any period of time, making them “greatest hits” worthy? Well it appears so. These guys have been around – if you can believe it – for 15+ years, more than a decade. Many of their current fans were probably introduced to them in high school and are now in their 30s. 3 Doors Down headlined The Better Life Foundation concert on November 17, and kicked off their US co-headlining tour with Daughtry. They are still working a new member into the fold, with Chet Roberts replacing founding member and guitarist Matt Roberts earlier this year. It’s a difficult time for the band to release a complete new record, but they clearly want to keep fans enticed. A greatest hits reminds fans of their earlier stuff, particularly their nine #1 hits that have been remixed and re-mastered, and included on the album. And this isn’t your typical greatest hits album; they’ve also included three new songs. It’s a teaser for when they’re ready to produce a full-length CD, expected to happen in 2013.

One formula 3 Doors Down has perfected, is riding the line between rock and pop. Their lyrics resonate with their fans, talking about loneliness, or anthems for the struggling.  Listening to this album makes you think, their formula works. It sounds like the same 3 Doors Down we’re accustomed to. They didn’t try to take it a different way, or adjust the sound too much. And if the formula works, why change it?

The new material includes the songs One Light, There’s a Life & Goodbyes. One Light has some mean guitar riffs, with that crunchier guitar sound, which appeals to the newer rock fan. There’s a Life isn’t quite as robust as the other songs. You want to love it, but it comes off a bit more bland than the other two tracks. The ballad Goodbyes was co-written with Marti Frederiksen. This is one of those songs where the lyrics hit home with anyone. Lead singer Brad Arnold had a very personal connection to this song, and that comes through. If anything it’s the lyrics alone that carry this song, but the instrumentals are strong enough to compliment it.

For now, fans should feel content with this material, as they await the full record, hoping it carries through as successively as these first three new songs.

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