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3-Doors-Down-11 took the world by storm in the early 2000’s. The Mississippi boys’ first album, The Better Life, which has now been certified 6 times platinum produced the mega-hit Kryptonite. They quickly followed up their success with 2002’s Away From The Sun, and the singles When I’m Gone and Here Without You. Their most recent release was 2012’s Greatest Hits, featuring nine number one hits plus three new songs, and they are currently working on their sixth studio album, to be released in 2015.

amylevereThe band is currently on their Songs From The Basement tour and made a stop at the Paramount Theatre in Cedar Rapids on Sunday, July 13th. The Paramount is a historic theater, built in the 1920s. The building was severely damaged in the floods of 2008 and has since been rebuilt in all its grandeur. It was the perfect setting for a laid-back, acoustic show, as a full-out rock show would be in danger of damaging the beautiful space. The stage setup of couches, lamps, and carpeting are intended to make the audience feel like they are “in the basement” listening to their friends at band practice.

The show began with opening act on upright bass and vocals, backed by Will Sexton on guitar. LaVere played some beautiful personal tunes such as Big Sister and Damn Love Song. A surprising moment during the set included a bat flying across the stage and over the audiences heads. LaVere kept her cool since all performers know that the show must go on.

3-Doors-Down-19Then Brad Arnold and the fellas took the stage and gave us all of our favorite tunes, including some new songs as well. This tour is a great chance for the band to show their musical skills as well as their ability to connect with an audience. Arnold was constantly interacting with the crowd, just as if he was talking to friends, just coming over to hang out.  Those with VIP tickets were also able to sit right on stage with the band on one of several couches. Though their set list actually said Cedar Rapids, IDAHO instead of Iowa, thankfully they made it to the right place for a relaxing Sunday evening show.

Fear not, because is still doing “electric” shows. Those of us who came to be fans of the band during our college years can appreciate a calmer performance every once in awhile–but that doesn’t make us old, right?

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