3 PILL MORNING Live at Las Vegas, NV Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

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It is a warm summer night in Las Vegas, NV when I arrive at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.  As I make my way through the parking garage, down the elevator, and through the wide hallway that leads to Vinyl; I am overwhelmed by the crowd that I see before me.  Not only are people already crowded around the merch booth, but they are also rushing to get inside in order to find the perfect spot to watch the show unfold.

DSC_0255Meanwhile inside the venue, the four sharped dressed men that make up 3 Pill Morning are slowly creeping in the shadows waiting for just the right entrance. Giving each other the signal that it was just about time to get the show on the road; one by one Jeff Stebbins, Ryan Walch, Ryan Lee, and Trent Laugerman step on stage.  Dressed to kill with their black pants, white button up dress shirts and of course chic black ties which completes the ensemble–every girl crazy ’bout a sharp dressed band–but I digress.  As the lights begin to dim, a wave of silence engulfs the crowd and a dance-like intro hums through the PA system.  3 Pill Morning is about to perform the last show of their Spring tour with Trapt and anyone who was unfamiliar with them, was about to become a die hard fan by the end of their set.

DSC_0110Starting with an upbeat intro and covering every fan favorite in between, 3 Pill Morning is a sight to see. Their gritty guitar rifts, classy dress attire, and true sense of joy while performing on stage is something both new and refreshing. This true sense of joy was emitted to the crowd, who were dancing and moving along from the beginning to the last drum kick.

The band did their best to cover as many songs as possible, from both their albums Black Tie Love Affair and Take Control. With the catchy guitar rifts and clean vocals, these songs were undoubtedly going to be stuck in your head for the rest of the night. The connection that 3 Pill Morning has with each other and the crowd is uncanny and something you just don’t see anymore. The band made sure to make time for fans both before and after the show at their merch table. Taking photos and signing autographs were things that just seemed to come natural to the band.

DSC_0037This is a band that knows exactly how to combine good old fashion class with modern day rock n’ roll and they leave out nothing in between. 3 Pill Morning has come a long way from their start in 2004 back in Minneapolis, MN and they are a fire that refuses to be put out.  Their fourth studio album Black Tie Love Affair is available everywhere now!

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