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Crown Jwlz - California King cropAt first glance, would seem to be a novelty act in search of attention. The contrived stage name, the way over-the-top photos of her dressed as gaudy royalty. There’s been no shortage of gimmicks in the history of rock n’ roll (Alice Cooper, KISS and Motely Crue come to mind immediately). However, as in the case of those three bands, the hype ends where the music begins, and in the case of , she passes the test with scepter held high.

The title track of her EP, is a hard-driving rock song with shifting tempos between the verses and chorus that give the tune a jagged, edgy feel. isn’t about a jumbo-sized mattress (insert a “duh” here), but rather a song that, in the words of Jewlz “refutes the principal that only a man can be king.”

Party Past the Sunrise is an irresistible keyboard-driven song that is pure 80’s Madonna-style enjoyment, while Free pays homage to David Bowie, with the chorus of “I wanna be like Bowie in the 70’s.”

Vocally, her performance in Stay sounds eerily like Madonna. Remarkably like Madonna. As in, this song could be mistaken for a new Madonna track. It’s a wistful tale of unrequited love, as she laments “You know how to make them want you, but not how to make them stay.”

Without You is the first single/video. The bass line pushes the song relentlessly, and when the video is watched one will understand how passionate she is about her music. Cool is a great song which Jwlz’s press kit describes as a story about “cutting an overly cocky boy down to size.” In the chorus of the song she says “You’re gonna ask yourself, why was I such a goddamn fool.”

The EP is an impressive debut from Jwlz.  Yes, the image is flamboyant, but could she be the next Madonna or Lady Gaga? Bottom line: She has the pipes and the songwriting chops.






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