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The Temperance Movement - White Bear smallIf ever rock n’ roll needed saving, now is the time.  The last decade and a half has spawned many imitators, primadonnas, and hacks that have had the inability to provide the public with decent rock n’ roll.  Sure there have been acts that have been worthy of a listen, but none that truly make you a believer.  With that being said there is a glimmer of hope in these hard times.  Since the release of their 2012 Pride EP, The Temperance Movement has been providing us with their own brand of rock n’ roll that is bluesy, grimy, and palpable.  Since the Pride EP, The Temperance Movement has released their debut full-length, self-titled album as well as a live album.  But with the upcoming release of their second full-length album White Bear, The Temperance Movement has yet again become the rock n’ roll messiah for those weary souls yearning for genuine rock.

The Temperance Movement has grown as a band since their first release.  They have lost a guitarist, as amicable as it was, it has created a tighter almost unyielding sound.  White Bear draws influence from the likes of Otis Redding to AC/DC to Radiohead.  But even with such retro influences, The Temperance Movement is far from a retro band.

White Bear has breathed life back into what was a dwindling music scene, with hard hitting tracks like the lead off Three Bulleits, yes it is spelled just like the bourbon, Battle Lines and my favorite Modern Massacre, showcases Phil Campbell’s Bulleits-drenched vocals in this balls to the wall rocker.  Other highlights from the disc include the infectious hook of Oh Lorraine, the foot-stompin’ ass shakin’ Do The Revelation and the title track, White Bear which opens with soaring Beatles-esque harmonies, drops to a slow tempo verse and then launches into a power rock chorus.

Fans of the band will be pleasantly surprised with the growth and direction of White Bear which gives the listener much to choose from. For those of you unfamiliar with the group, The Temperance Movement will have you remembering all the feelings you had the first time you heard rock n’ roll.

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