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68-75 - Sanctified epThe band released their self-titled debut E.P. in 2012 and it slipped by most people unnoticed.  This wasn’t due to the content being lacklustre or suffering in quality, but due to these guys juggling their independence and working without the aid of serious record label support.  Like building a wall, they have placed their first brick and are now ready to place the next one as they introduce their new audience to the prequel to that extended player.

Atlanta-based soulful rockers like their sound natural and raw, and this is most evident with their latest E.P. called Sanctified.  According to , the title is the acknowledgement of the band’s name back in the day when it was initially recorded.  The year was 2002, and at that time it was a strictly limited release.  Containing four tracks of re-mastered passion, there’s plenty to get the ears around.

Kicking off with an energetic performance in the shape of Got a Feelin’ before changing pace and mood by being Tired of Fighting, these first two musical moments share their rock n’roll aspirations with their more reflective side.  Marty Kerns offers up some beautiful Hammond whilst Page Waldrop is inspired with the magical pedal steel on the latter of these two songs.

The line-up has changed since Sanctified, but the spirit that’s drawn towards this sound remains.  Lead vocalist Suzanne Sledge remains a major focal point as during these four tracks she provides devotion and dedication to each line she sings, with the music oozing groove at times and plenty of soul in others.  With musical influences ranging from Free and Humble Pie to Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding, you wouldn’t be too far away from hearing the vibes given out by The Black Crowes.  If you’re familiar with any of these artists then you know with this band you’re in for a treat.

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