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68-75 Stay On The Ride smallComplete with a confident swagger and a grip on their no-holds-barred rock sound, have taken the next step in their evolution with Stay On The Ride.  This nine track debut album follows on the footsteps of two extended players that captured a band finding their feet and reveling in their classic rock influences.  The production was raw and dirty complementing their understated nerve and droplets of sweat, whilst the guitar provided by Andrew Cylar shook the foundations of all that was emotive.  The mainstay of lead vocalist Suzanne Sledge accompanied by the riffs of Cylar with that truthful production remain intact on this album as it was with their E.P.s but their sense of identity and experience shine through.

Album highlights like the ‘Black Crowes-esque Deal with the Devil, the sublime and tender NSC or the opening stomp of Kicking Down the Stalls all send a perfectly clear message.  This -based four-piece are a no-nonsense rock n’ roll band who embrace their bluesy influences and don’t shy away from injecting their fair share of soul either.  Textures are subtle as the listener goes from slow and mournful in flavor with Detroit, to the upbeat vibes of It’s only Tuesday.  Both of these tracks showcase within a short moment that there are various sides to and both share with the listener they are intent on staying on this ride.

Openly aware such luminaries as Free, Humble Pie, Howlin’ Wolf and more recent additions like Blackberry Smoke and The Temperance Movement have the qualities they cherish; it seems predictable that you will find elements of these bands on this album.  If you appreciate the finer moments of soulfully-driven rock n’roll dripping with a sincere fragility, then you could do a lot worse than check out these independently focused artists.  This is pure expression done the way, and it could be argued there’s not many other ways that do justice to this sort of music.

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