9 ELECTRIC LIVE – March 15th, Count Vamp’d, Las Vegas NV

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It was a Friday night in Las Vegas, NV when Hollywood’s very own 9 Electric took over the stage.  Arriving at Las Vegas’ Count Vamp’d it was easy to feel unsure of what should be expected.  Joining the madness and genius that is 9 Electric were fellow Hollywood rockers Vattica and Valora, along with Las Vegas locals First Class Trash.  The only thing everyone could be certain about is that this show was something that could not be missed!

IMG_0159Walking through the double doors of Count Vamp’d, the lights are dim and a reddish glow of light covers the inside.  To the right is another door leading to a spacious bar and to the left the glorious stage.  Tables and booths are sprinkled right in front along with plenty of standing room.  This venue is the new big thing in Las Vegas and 9 Electric was making it home Friday night.

Vattica, Valora, and First Class Trash joined 9E on stage Friday night.  However none of these bands performed as if they were opening acts but as if they were the main attraction.  Each band had something new and exciting to bring to the show, all with their own style and form of rock n roll.  L.A. based Vattica was even joined on stage by Underwood for a new song they are currently collaborating on together.  Valora, also LA based, brought on a new meaning for girls that can rock; they had a unique sound that was all their own.  First Class Trash were playing right in their home town of Las Vegas, and they were no strangers to Count Vamp’d.  Making sure everyone felt at home the line-up was set and ready to rock.

Vattica have some big things ahead of them for 2013, with their new single underway, which includes Ron Underwood’s guest vocal spot.  This song is scheduled for release April 1, 2013.  Run Baby, the title of this new single will also be released with a music video directed by no other than Underwood.  The band expanded on the meaning behind this song by saying “It is about the type of Hollywood girl who is super fake on the outside and has no problem using anybody to get what she wants.”  The band goes on to mention “we wrote it from a  super-natural perspective.” Vattica is working on a new record though no dates are in mind just yet.

IMG_0231The mysterious Valora also owned the stage Friday night.  With their new record label and debut album release just around the corner this band will not just be withering away anytime soon.  They were unable to release too much detail, but a summer tour can be expected.  The ladies of Valora did mention that “if you want a good representation of Valora look for I Waited for You on YouTube.”  It is important that an eye is kept on Valora with such big things set for them this year, they just might be that next band that blows up overnight.  As singer Syd Duran put it “we are climbing everyday.”

The Las Vegas based rockers of First Class Trash were able get this crowd pumped and ready for 9E.  Being in their hometown they did more than just that.  Playing to a full venue the band showed what they had to offer and the crowd loved every minute of it.  First Class Trash is set to release their new song Sometime in April 2013.  They are also in the process of recording their new album that is currently without a release date but should be expected out before the end of the year.  “We lost a girl and we are about to add another one.”  With a new line-up and new album; First Class Trash are ready to rock 2013.

IMG_0326Headliners 9 Electric were moments from taking the stage and the Vamp’d was packed with an excited audience.  The band made sure to play all of their hits; everything from their new single Filthy to the rarely heard Fast Is Too Slow.  With their famous light show and back drop all in check, 9E electrified this crowd and undoubtedly gained a handful of new fans.

9 Electric will be going on tour later this year and can be expected in Northern California at the end of March.  You will be able to catch not only 9E, but Vattica as well on April Fool’s day in Hollywood, CA at the famous Roxy on the Sunset Strip.  This show is free and all ages are welcome; it is sure to be anything but short of amazing.

For more information on 9 Electric find them here.




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