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is a brand new trio that features the very talented musicians from Labyrinth:  Andrea Cantarelli (guitar), Roberto Tiranti (bass and vocals) and Alessandro Bissa (drums).  Their debut is a must have for any fan.  The music is different than that of Labyrinth; is more with hard hitting intertwined.  of both and will enjoy this album.

The music is a fresh sound and is different than the they in Labyrinth.  With their music being more and melodic, it shows a new side to the talented musicians.  In a recent press release from Frontier Records, Cantarelli said, “ is my band, but now it is not enough.  is what I need today.  I need another band, a real in order to express my creative juices. Musically speaking now in territory; however, I have tried to give the sound a more dynamic and modern edge, not far away from acts likes or Stone Sour.”  Indeed, the new is showing a fantastic new side to themselves as musicians.

Tiranti’s powerful vocals, along with the great musicianship of Cantarelli and Bissa, equal a fantastic and hard hitting album.  Some of the music is reminiscent of from the ‘90s era.  The songs that really stand out on the are We Only Say Goodbye, Waiting on , Silent Cry and Now and Forever.  If you are a fan of the genre, you will love their debut.  Hopefully the music world will see much more from this new trio in the near future.

is Roberto Tiranti (vocals, bass), Andrea Cantarelli (guitar) and Alessandro Bissa (drums)

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