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ABATED MASS OF FLESH - Brutal DeathDeath Metal focuses on three things; guttural vocals, distorted guitars, and lyrics that invoke violent and/or graphic images. The style that Abated Mass of Flesh plays is called Brutal Death Metal, and just with that genre name alone it should be easy to tell it takes these styles to the max. Their release Brutal Death is a blissful hammer to the ear drum, and for the extreme metal enthusiast a dream come true.

The album starts out with a typical creepy introduction entitled Mouth of the Tomb, a common feature among death metal bands. From there it is a slurry of destroying guitar, pounding drums, and incomprehensibly genius vocal tones. With all that presented at face value you think the lyrics wouldn’t really matter, but they are one of the best parts of the album. It doesn’t really do justice to try to describe the imagery used on this album, so I’ll let them speak for themselves:

“How do you see me through your eyes/Are you ashamed of me/They say you suffered on the cross/And paid my penalty.”

Not what you expected was it.

Abated Mass of Flesh’s album Brutal Death captures the essence of Death metal music at its best, and put their own lyrical vision to it. They have made their name by taking what a lot consider to be a demonic style of music and put God at the forefront of it all. This album is spectacular, and a must have for any fans of Dying Fetus or Crimson Thorn. A word of warning before you get think of getting this album, it is not for everyone. If you don’t really like extreme metal music than this album may seem like just noise to you, but if you listen closely even in noise there can be perfection.

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