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Canada is a beautiful nation.  It’s given us the G-Suit, the Pacemaker, the erm and the Egg Carton.  However,  it is also the country from which he who shall not be named is from, so despite the life saving inventions they have supplied the world with they have a lot to make up for, musically at least.

Luckily, Adrenechrome  punch the talentless snot out of  ‘you know who’.  And it seems some of that metaphorical ooze has landed on their debut album Hideous Appetites. The first thing that hits you is the album cover, If you’re not familiar with the band then the artwork is going to grab your attention – A skull castle, surrounded by graves with a long stairway leading to a stone door and Lava flowing from the skulls mouth into a pool of lava drenched skulls. It all paints a pretty picture of what this albums about. No-nonsense Metal with all the right ingredients.

Hideous Appetites is one of the best candidates for thrash in a while. An album with only 6 tracks on it, they make up for the lack of quantity with an absolutely brilliant level of quality.  Chris Friesen has excelled himself in writing the music and lyrics for each and every song. The opening track “Titans Fall” is a musical masterpiece with a shred heavy intro to the double kickdrum center, this song makes me want to fight some titans with my metal fists.

The whole album is awash with a heavy feel, the Drums, the Bass, the Vocals and the Guitars, you really get a feel this album is extremely tight. Every instrument feels as if its talking to the other. Raspy powerful vocals throughout combined with aggressive lyrics covering: Fantasy, Humanity and Religion. It makes for a great listen. In certain songs I’m reminded of Skid Row with their mid song rants, about how bad someone or something is, like I said, Aggressive lyrics.

This album is a brilliantly made piece of music,  With 6 tracks of good old-fashioned metal with a modern tight and professional twist to please your ears, Adrenechrome have provided you with over half an hour of what they can do. If they keep this standard throughout their career this band are going to go far.

Click here to purchase Hideous Appetites.

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