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THE RIFT - InventionsInventions, the debut album from is good. Really good. So damn good that I’d buy it myself if we didn’t get advance copies free by virtue of being music journalists. (How’s that for a ringing endorsement?)

The press kit for the band describes their sounds as fusing “alternative heavy rock, with elements of blues, punk and metal,” and that description is pretty much spot-on. The lead track on the album and first single is Deliverance.  The song starts deceptively with a dreamy, bluesy guitar passage, but quickly powers up with Dave Grohl-style power riffs.

How You Get Down is a hard hitting power rocker with cool megaphone-type vocal effects. Rejects hits even harder with highly compressed drop-tuned guitars contrasted with soaring vocals.

Many bands record multiple versions of the same song, and eventually choose one to go on an album. Often the track not chosen languishes in obscurity for years, only to surface in a “rarities and outtakes” album. solved that dilemma by including two versions of Worst of Me. The first starts with intro notes that sounds like a toy piano. The guitars in this version are subdued, and are supplemented with more keyboards. The second version is harder from the get-go, with the toy piano intro replaced by the same notes on a highly distorted guitar. Also, in the second version, the guitar riff in the chorus is edgier and shuffled instead of played staccato. The music matches the ominous lyrics “Don’t start it, don’t start it. You’re about to get the worst of me.”

Along the lines of “alternative heavy rock” as promised in the press kit, Music Stops has a definite White Stripes/Black Keys feel to it. On the metal side, Will to Win features Iron Maiden-like harmony guitar leads. The final tune on the record is the ballad Siren, with guitarist/lead vocalist  Aris Anagnos sounding remarkable like John Mayer.

One of the disadvantages to writing a music review is that words can only describe so much. Click on the band’s website below and Deliverance will stream. Dig it!

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