AMON AMARTH – LIVE House of Blues, Boston MA 2-1-14

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IMG_0245The line to the House of Blues in Boston stretched easily a quarter mile down the road. These people weren’t  lined up to buy tickets to the ball game at Fenway, but were in line to see . There was an eager feeling about; and looking through the crowd it was obvious everyone was having a tough time containing their excitement. What really added to the atmosphere was the lack of room to stand. The floor, as well as both overhead balconies were extremely packed.

IMG_0253After a high energy set from Skeletonwitch, and a diverse set of songs from Enslaved, took the stage. The massive backdrop of Gods clashing in the sky and the scrims of soldiers fighting by hand were all illuminated with a lightning blue light.  After a group of five silhouettes walked through the blanket of smoke on to the stage, the entire venue erupted in cheers, yells, applause, and general mayhem.  They opened with Father of the Wolf.  The band moved all over stage, and the crowd surged back and forth side to side.  The inevitable pit opened up somewhere in the middle of the crowd and continued to add to the movement throughout the night.  In between songs the vocalist of the group displayed his multitasking skills by not only communicating with the venue, but by also taking gulps out of his cup, which was essentially a giant hollowed out horn.

IMG_0238The group of Swedes continued the set for a whopping fifteen songs.  As an estimate, with every other song, the entire audience would erupt to an on beat of chanting and fist shaking. What started as an very acoustically pleasing hall became a massive echo chamber of passionate concert goers.  Somewhere between Runes to my Memory and Guardians of Asgaard, the vocalist beckoned the crowd to join him in jumping.  Now generally at a concert of this style, you have the people that are totally into it that will always jump along but this show in particular must have been housing a different degree of people all together, as all three floors of the House of Blues jumped in sync.  The actions of the crowd attracted comments of the vocalist in claiming that even he hadn’t ever seen such participation.

played a two song encore, Twilight of the Thunder God, and The Pursuit of Vikings; which was somewhat unexpected and if the crowd had it their way, the band probably wouldn’t have even left the venue.   It’s safe to say that Boston loves Amon Amarth and especially liked the gesture of sporting a Bruins jersey on stage, as the entire band was in attendance of the hockey game earlier.


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