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Another Lost Year - Alien ArchitectNorth Carolina based “freedom rock” group Another Lost Year has recently released their newest album titled Alien Architect. Formed in 2011, Clinton Cunanan (vocals/guitar), Adam Hall (bass/vocals), Jorge Sotomarino (guitar/vocals) and Nathan Walker (drums/vocals) have created a musical revolution as they tour North America.

Alien Architect starts out with a clip from HBO’s Newsroom about why America is not the greatest country–but it could be, which seems to be an all too familiar topic with the election coming up in November. Track two titled Wolves is the explosive beginning of an adrenaline filled album. With its melodic intro and passionate lyrics, it instills pure excitement and an extremely radio friendly rock n’ roll song. Bastard Sons confirms their sound to be a mixture of Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin with a catchy hook which seems to be a theme on this album.

The meat and potatoes of the album begins with Trigger Finger that features a progression between drum line and a progressive guitar invasion. Along with The Best Is Yet To Come starting off with a little bit more ease, it spins right back into the frenzy with a slowing yet distinctively alive guitar riff that fades in and out. Track six titled Run The Tank Out and number seven titled This Is Life use various beats and dynamics to bring these songs together. Also, the background vocals during the chorus is fun yet not overwhelming.

Memories is first and only ballad on the album, exposing the softer side of Another Lost Year. Poetic both lyrically and musically, it has a sentimental value to it that fans will cling to for inspiration. It’s a little bit rock and a hint of country which is a pleasant surprise. Finally, we reach the last song called Letting Go and to be honest, you won’t want to let go. You will want to press repeat.

With each song, it is transparent how talented Another Lost Year truly is and it’s difficult to find even one song that won’t catch your attention. With the rare occasion of a band putting out an entirely enjoyable album, Another Lost Year has gone above and beyond to deliver probably one fine album.


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