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Apparitions - Kiss Me SleepingThe audio whirlwind that is Apparitions used to be known as This Twilight City and they played in their own words “underground pop rock.”  Rising like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes of that previous existence, the sound that can be discovered on the debut studio album by Apparitions is somewhat of a colliding selection of influences.  If you like your music more in the scope of metalcore like We Came as Romans, then you’ll be comfortable with this.  On the other hand, if your expectations are hoping to discover the next Green Day, My Chemical Romance or Walk the Moon, then you’ll be sorely beaten for your crime!

Kiss Me Sleeping was an option for the new band name, but was then given the privilege of being their album title.  The music contained within this furious chaos begins with an introduction lasting no more than a minute and nine seconds before crashing head first into Mascara Queen.  There was no need to make Intro a separate track as it slides into the opening song Mascara Queen effortlessly.  Singles in the shape of Burn Alive and Sleeping with the Enemy show a real control and restrain which allows the listener to experience precision and cohesion.  Melodies are allowed to breathe within the maelstrom of frantic distorted guitar and subtle electronic touches.

Layers are the order of the day throughout Kiss Me Sleeping.  Whether it’s the vocals that growl and scream or whisper and sing, courtesy of Alex Lee and Brandon Spearman (also responsible for the electronics), or whether it is the musicianship provided by Corey Ku (bass/vocals), Cooper (drums), Dylan (guitar) and Aaron (guitar).  Highlights in the shape of Like In the Movies and Fall To Arms hint at good things to come.

This album isn’t so much about experimentation, more about taking their varied influences and their darker, raw emotion and letting it loose for all to hear.

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