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As They Burn - Will, Love, LifeInternational successes, have pulled another absolutely brilliant example of serenity in brutality with their second full length album Will, Love, Live. The French six piece does something that many bands fail at; they have found a way to incorporate a softer side of music, in with ear splitting metal.

For starters, though this album contains a lot of metal fragrances, the construction of the songs is a little more progressive or experimental than maybe what most metal fans are used to these days. It’s that funky style that the band throws into it that makes this album so unique and appealing. What this style consists of is the ability to achieve a successful blend of two styles that have been known to coincide, but more often than not, favors one side over the other.

If you look at the history of bands who have tried to combine progressive music and metal you get a long line of attempts that, though good in their own respects, aren’t a true blend of the two styles. You either go too far on the progressive side and get groups like TesseracT, or too far on the other and get another Djent group like Born of Osiris. is one of a few select groups that have managed to combine the two flairs and do them both justice, while keeping it that modern brutality that metal fans have all come to know and love.

This album is well worth listening to if you have an open mind about metal music, and easily deserves a 7/10. If you like groups like Devil Wears Prada, For Today, and Lamb of God, with a flair of progressive ingenuity, than this band is a step in the direction we metal fans could very possibly see metal going in the foreseeable future.

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