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Asking Alexandria released their sixth full-length album via Sumerian Records on May 15th. Despite a brief period with a different singer, the band has mostly remained intact since hitting the scene in 2008. Their sound however has most definitely evolved and matured in many ways throughout the years, which is very evident on Like A House On Fire which was recorded between and during tours in 2019. Perhaps because of those circumstances this entire album has a stadium rock, more mainstream sound than many of their previous tracks, showing that the band has intent to continue to grow their name in the music world. However, it is possibly that fans of the band’s early work may not find this album as heavy as they might prefer.

Like the rest of the world, the band had to deal with the limitations of quarantine by producing their House on Fire video from afar, proving they did not intend for the circumstance to put a damper on their album promotion. This first track on the album is a rocking, slow-building track that would do well in arenas, but still shows a hint of the band’s heavier side. Many tunes on the album such as They Don’t Want What We Want have a chanting, crowd sing-along quality to them. 

A definite standout on  the album is a more mellow I Don’t Need You, featuring female vocalist Grace Grundy. The heaviest track on the album is most definitely The Violence, and this may be where the hardcore, long-term fans might latch back on if they were thrown off by the changes the band has made on much of the rest of the album.

All in all, Like a House on Fire showcases a band that is not afraid to change and grow and develop their musical sound and make their way in the ever-changing music world.     

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