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If you are partial to some Silverchair from time to time, then you may be aware of a member of that band known as Ben Gillies.  The drummer from Silverchair has gone onto other musical ventures since that band announced an indefinite hiatus last year.  Welcome to Bento, a very different musical monster.  No major distorted guitars throughout, no major rock prominence and generally little to witness regarding any semblance of similarity to his previous commercially successful outfit.  Instead we have on offer with this debut studio album a serious collection of light-weight pop/rock style songs that are all crafted very well and explore all sorts of musical avenues.  The arrangements of the songs are excellent as they twist and turn with melodies submerged in the realms of classic pop but delivered with a refreshing enthusiasm.

The sound of a piano introduces us to Diamond Days as the title track dances like it exists only for a hazy Sunday afternoon.  The remaining 11 songs take the listener on a journey which at some points lead to complete insanity, like the epic end to Miss My Mind, or the funky flavor of Wheels Turn, or the crashing organized chaos of Poison IvyGlue seems a little darker in tone whilst How Many Times carries a disco influence.

Whichever way you want to look at this album, it entertains with its various shades and textures and keeps you on your toes.  If you’re in the mood for something akin to Silverchair, then don’t expect this album to necessarily satisfy.  Diamond Days is a personal statement and creative outlet for Gillies and as such he explores his many musical endeavors with gusto.  It is a testimony to his skills that he can make these different styles flow together and share some sort of continuity, and this in of itself is commendable.

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