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Black Orchid - WakeAre you in the mood for something dark, brutal and efficient?  If the answer is yes to this question, then give these guys a listen.  Black Orchid Invest an experienced ear and insight with this latest album due to it being their fifth studio release, plus with these guys plying their trade since at least 2002, Wake is something of a treasure.  They are obviously passionate about what they do as this album continues the trend of independently driven releases.  This ethos is making for an interesting and diverse musical output within the universe of rock and heavy metal.

The production on these eight studio recordings is sufficiently good enough not to distract you from the songs.  Also listen out for some surprises which make this album something of a joy.  Towards the ends of both Annastacia and Good Intentions you get something that doesn’t bludgeon the ears and provides a welcome change of landscape.  Naturally there are those tracks which shred the emotions like There Go I and Crestfallen.

The copy of Wake that was sent to Screamer Magazine contained four bonus tracks which consisted of two live numbers, and two other studio-based recordings.  The latter of these two studio recordings is an acoustic-based song dedicated to their brother Russell Price, whilst the former is a brutal assault called Rape the Willing.

Regarding the live tracks, you get Anomaly which can be found on their Confidence and Death album and the track Depths of Despair which chugs along with intent.  Black Orchid really blossom in the live arena with both of these tracks as the brutality and the intensity are magnified and this four-piece put in tight and energetic performances.

There is a phrase used when something is comprehensively assembled and includes all that you could have hoped for, ‘warts and all’.  Maybe this album could have been called “Warts” instead of Wake?  You get a taste of Black Orchid playing live; a rough, lower quality recording (Rape the Willing) plus a tribute to someone close to the band.  You also get eight glorious studio-based recordings that showcase a brutal band full of vitality and passion.  Enough said.

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