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BS 20April 25th, 2015, Blackberry Smoke the most elementally southern rock band to come to popularity within the last decade performed at The House of Blues in Orlando, Florida with opening act The Temperance Movement.  After a quick intermission Blackberry Smoke’s equipment was set up behind the cloak of the stage curtains.

The Atlanta-based Blackberry Smoke has been amassing fans throughout the states for being one of the most genuinely southern rock bands around.  There is something about good ol’ southern gentlemen making uncompromising rock n’ roll about family, friends, God, and getting a buzz that has always attracted people to this brand of music.  Nothing has changed since Skynyrd popularized the genre way back in the 70’s.

Blackberry Smoke has called themselves a fan’s band.  Their following which has grown due to their constant touring have shared the stage with the likes of Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, and Slash.

BS 15The lights dimmed and the crowd roared.  With an alcohol fueled zeal, the crowd cheered as one giant mass as the curtains were drawn back.  Charlie Starr lead vocals and guitarist for Blackberry Smoke strutted on stage with bravado and charm.  With a welcoming smile and an overdose of exuberance the band tore into their opening song Six Ways ‘Til Sunday.  After the opening song the crowd who was almost deafening, cheered on Blackberry Smoke as they continued through some of their more popular songs including Pretty Little Lie, Good One Coming On and One Horse Town.

Although the band has a deep catalog of songs that range from covers to lesser known deep cuts, this was the Holding All The Roses Tour which meant that the focus was playing a few songs from their latest release which does not disappoint.  Blackberry Smoke played two of the most hard rocking tracks from the new album, which happens to be the heaviest album the band has put out to date.  Holding All the Roses the title track from their latest album is foot stomping, hard rocking song that has a driving beat, one of the heaviest on the album.  They also played one of the coolest tracks on the new album Rock n Roll Again which is reminiscent of a killer 70’s rock tune that keeps you wanting to take another listen.

By the end of the show, the passionate crowd, had not lost any of the enthusiasm with which they started the show.  In fact, by the encore in was evident that Blackberry Smoke had a fan base that would rival any band today.

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