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BLUE OCOTBER - Sway (2013)Blue October’s seventh album, Sway, will be in stores and online on August 20th. The band is known for their thought-provoking, gut-wrenchingly honest lyrics and intense music. Vocalist Justin Furstenfeld pours his heart out in his words, and this album is no exception.

However, while some songs in the past were covering  darker subjects such as drug addiction and family and relationship struggles. Sway is clearly coming from a group of  guys who are in a much more positive, optimistic place. Furstenfeld has said, “Sway is an empowering record. It’s a record that I always wanted to make but didn’t know how.”

Co-produced by Furstenfeld and David Casteel, the album was recorded at Fire Station Studios in San Marcos, Texas and will be released on Furstenfeld’s own Up/Down Records.

While Justin Furstenfeld is the chief lyricist, the rest of the band has plenty to add to the sound of the album. Justin’s brother Jeremy Furstenfeld holds everything together on the the drums, with bassist Matt Novesky rounding out the the rhythm section and keeping it tight. Ryan Delahoussaye adds sensitivity to the mix with piano, violin, viola, and mandolin. Longtime fans will be pleased to know that former guitarist C.B. Hudson will be joining the band on tour.

Justin Furstenfeld’s vocals are as passionate as ever; the listener can hear the emotion in his voice. The band maintains their signature sound, while maintaining  an unexpected, yet pleasant underlying optimism that was missing on some of their previous work. There are harder, edgy tunes such as Put it In, mixed in with beautifully sentimental and moving songs such as Not Broken Anymore and Angels in Everything.

The album was funded through a Pledge Music Campaign, donating 5% of the proceeds to MusicCares, which provides assistance to musicians who do not have insurance.

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