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Breached Left Behind is a heavy melodic rock band hailing from Toronto. While you may not have heard much of them yet, you surely will soon. The band released their third five song EP, Left Behind on October 22nd. The album is full of intense guitars by Mike Diesel, expressive lyrics from the melodic vocal chords of Bobby Noakes and the tight rhythm section of Ryan Alexander on bass and Neil Uppal on drums.

The title track and first single, Left Behind, is catchy song that gets caught in your head and has you singing along for hours afterward. Next comes Piece by Piece, which will be the next single, and All We Need, both showing that the band are passionate about their craft, and that Noakes is equally passionate about the emotion he puts behind his lyrics. Brighter Days sounds very radio-ready as well, and one can envision fans waving their hands in the air as they crowd the front of the stage. The band brings it to a close with Here With Me, a tempo changing tune that you will want to blast from your speakers.

At a mere seventeen minutes and twenty seconds, Left Behind leaves you wanting more, maybe seven or 8 more songs. Perhaps the band will put out a full-length release in the coming months, or maybe 5-song EP’s are a tactic they could use to their advantage in order to always keep the fans on the edge of their seat, waiting for what to come.

And while they band is serious about their music, they also appear to be a lot of fun. Just check out their album cover and also their YouTube channel and find the video called “Best Infomercial Ever!” You will like them even more than you already do.

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