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Local Honey, is ’s third solo release to date.  For those who haven’t been privy to the New Jersey troubadour’s solo career,  we have been presented with Fallon’s most simple, truthful and introspective album thus far.  The former front man of The Gaslight Anthem (TGA)–a band living in musical purgatory–has since his first solo release, Painkillers (2016) and his sophomore endeavor, Sleepwalkers (2018), been creating something of a subtle storm for his longtime fans and new listeners alike.  A storm that reaches a matured, truthful, and acoustically driven peak with Local Honey.

Painkillers showed fans that even without TGA, Fallon had the ability to lyrically and sonically create a new, yet familiar sound, that was a far cry from TGA, but still unequivocally Fallon.  It wasn’t until Sleepwalkers, a departure from the Americana soaked Painkillers, that Fallon took his lyrical prowess to a new level with an altruistic approach to what seemed to be a reminder that rock music was still alive and being played with conviction.

Fallon, who is now 40, seems to have left his days as a rock front man in his rearview, but Local Honey has shown us that Fallon refuses to be categorized as “Americana” or “Folk” by creating an album that is influenced by different musical styles and themes.  

While some of the album is reminiscent of Elsie, an album Fallon released while fronting another one of his endeavors, The Horrible Crowes, his first single off Local Honey You Have Stolen My Heart very much echoes the same sentiment displayed on Elsie.  While being described as his “most direct attempt at a love song” Fallon creates a beautiful and haunting picture of falling in love and the emotions, memories, and familiarity that always seems to come with it.

With standout tracks like Hard Feelings and Horses Fallon writes with the conviction of someone who has finally figured out what it means to live the life you want to be living.    

Local Honey is an album, a companion if you will, for someone who has grown-up, matured and left the ghosts of his past where they belong.  “I think this record is about the process of growing up. I had spent so much time looking backwards and commenting on that life; a lot of older songs were written with rearview mirror commentary,” says Fallon.

It is an album whose honesty has given us a look into Fallon’s life and has proven to listeners that his lyrical dexterity, is a delicately woven net that encompasses the raw and emotional love story that is our day to day lives.   

“It’s not about these glorious dreams or miserable failures, it’s just about life and how I see it. And I have to think that if this is my life, this is probably a lot of other people’s lives, too.” 

The beauty in the truth and simplicity of Local Honey, shows us that we seem to spend most of our lives tongue tied, searching for the perfect words and wishing we’d had more time to speak our minds. 

Local Honey is scheduled to be released March 27th on Thirty Tigers records.


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