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CROP 7D__7938During a night of epic, high energy metal at The Canyon in Agoura Hills, the BulletBoys brought their A-game. Right out of the gate Marq Torien on vocals and lead guitar, Nick Rozz on guitar, Aaron Samson on Bass and Shawn Duncan on drums, BulletBoys had everyone in the club on their feet dancing to their infectious grooves.

During an extended version of  Hell On My Heels, Torien introduced his band members, which was followed by lengthy guitar solo backed by Duncan’s thunderous kit, but Torien’s voice came soaring in like a bat out of hell and blended in well with backing vocal harmonies. For The Love Of Money and Smooth Up In Ya seemed to be the crowd favorites. Performing songs from their long and growing catalog as well as a couple of new songs from their upcoming album, Elefanté, the BulletBoys took full advantage of their time on stage and really seemed to relish in the love they were getting from the enthusiastic and appreciative crowd.

Torien took a moment to honor the late Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek and asked the audience to make the ever famous hand signal for “Live Long and Prosper” and that is what their set did….it lived long and it prospered.

7D__7954Torien’s vocals have remained noticeably strong throughout his career and his guitar playing ranks right up there with his vocal prowess, however his lyrics were oftentimes muddled and difficult to understand.  Not sure what to blame for the that, the sound system or a six pack, but my guess would be the former.  The sound seemed a little out of sorts that night, not only with the BulletBoys, but the others bands as well. The guitar seemed to overshadow the vocals on several songs during each bands’ set. BulletBoys have played The Canyon before and it is always a killer time catching them live. A seemingly common conversation in the area of Agoura Hills and surrounding areas is that when these metal bands come to play here, it is food for the hard rock soul. If you hunger for powerhouse vocals and loud, meaty guitar solos, the BulletBoys are your meal ticket!

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