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Bullet For My Valentine - VenomIf you’re addicted to Rock that hits hard, fast and intense, then a shot of Bullet for My Valentine’s () latest CD release entitled, “Venom” is just what you’ve been dying for. Venom offers non-stop, musical and lyrical depth with all the gut wrenching, vocal angst that fans have come to expect, and then some. Venom, (as the name suggests) is anything but soothing, and is predictably void of any slow jams or somber ballads. However, with its dizzying drum beats and machine gun style fretwork, Venom is the perfect motivational album to ROCK you to the core, and if you’re hitting the gym, this entire album should be on your playlist, because it’s certain to get your heart pounding, with Venom pumping through your veins.

Hailing from Bridgend, Wales, the “metal-core band” Bullet for My Valentine band members are:

Matthew “Matt” Tuck: vocals and guitar
Michael “Padge” Paget: guitars
Michael “Moose” Thomas: drums
Jamie Mathias: bass and vocals

Venom truly lives up to its namesake, aggressively injecting some of the most hardcore metal into the bloodstream that has to date… This album maintains an intensely, relentless pace, with each and every track leaving an unmistakable mark. At first, the album starts out somewhat mysterious with V. building the anticipation, before launching into a full-on assault of the airwaves with songs like No Way Out and Army of Noise. Tracks like You Want a Battle? (Here’s a War) Broken and Skin erupt with explosive vocals, so deeply embedded within lightning fast bridges & drum rolls, that they may well scorch your headphones.

Additionally, for those fans with that ‘bitter taste of ill-fated love’ still infecting their mouths, you will relish songs like Worthless, Venom and The Harder the Heart (The Harder it Breaks) Each song serves up a hearty helping of gut wrenching lyrics on a “Tainted Love” themed platter, perfectly suited for the ex who earned a dedication of lyrics completely void of endearment.

Currently, there are many critics from both Europe and America who’re making a fair share of comparisons to Heavy Metal legends (who also hailed from across the pond) like Iron Maiden. Consequently, with songs like Hell or High and Pariah, you can clearly see where these bold statements may stem from. These songs (as well as others on the album) have that same, incredible feel and intricate, musical complexity that set Iron Maiden apart from the masses. BFMV’s Venom truly maintains a heart-stopping pace with a succession of arresting drum beats. Also, the incredible fretwork progresses with such split-second precision, that it’s not too big of a stretch if fans half-expect to find an image of “Eddie” somewhere on the CD sleeve.

Though BFMV’s vocals don’t appear to emulate any particular rock icon, that’s perfectly fine for fans of BFMV’s edgy, albeit vocally challenging style all their own. has carved their own little niche with their diverse vocal abilities, and with ‘rock chops’ that can carry a perfect pitch even as he screams out the lyrics, that’s exactly the kind of Venom that fans will savor for years to come. So, get your dose of today, and be sure to catch them injecting their Venom at a venue near you.

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