BulletBoys Kick Off Summer 2014 Tour in L.A.

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w - IMG_5201They’re back in action and as Smooth as ever; the BulletBoys, featuring Mark Torien still commanding the front line, are kicking off a summer tour and the first dozen or so dates begin with Quiet Riot, Faster Pussycat and former Guns n’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke in Southern California.

Getting on a nostalgia bill with Quiet Riot is a win/win situation for any band that came out of the MTV Head-Banger’s Ball generation. Quiet Riot has been tearing it up for the past three years with global dominance and now performs with front man Jizzy Pearl (Love/Hate, RATT.) On the first shows in So-Cal in years, Quiet Riot announced tour dates with shows in San Diego, Beverly Hills and Anaheim, CA to stat it all off. The show poster boasted more than four hours of hard rockin’ songs featuring an all star line-up of bands that lived the dream and made the hair metal scene legendary. Through July 25th, this bill includes the return of the band the BulletBoys.

w - IMG_4731On stage, front man Mark Torien announced the release of their new single titled Symphony from the upcoming album release Elefante, due out in 2014. In the modern world of social media and online press, the band released the new song on the San Diego radio station KBZT’s morning show before being available for download or streaming. Some consider it a bold move, but the band proceeded to play the song to a warm response on stage at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills that night, just about 12 hours after it’s first official FM spin.

“We’ve been very blessed today,” Torien shared. “We just dropped our new single for our new record. We didn’t drop it on iTunes, we dropped it on a very special radio station in San Diego and they played it at about 6’o-clock in the morning when everybody was going to work. The phones just kept on blowing up and blowing up and blowing up. We’re really grateful for that.”

w - IMG_5045On June 10th, just before the new tour kicked off, Blue Sparrow Enterprises, INC, the BulletBoys management company, announced that shared drummer Stephen Mills was leaving the band. This opening left an opportunity for drummer Shawn Duncan (DC4/Odin) to step in and command the throne. The band also shared that original bassist Lonnie Vencent would be part of the line-up, rounded out by guitarist Nick Rozz (The Tattooed Millionaires.)

Online schedules show that the 2014 Summer Tour dates extend in to August and cross the States touching down in old familiar territories including Boston, MA, New York and Pennsylvania, across the Midwest and down in to Tennessee and Missouri. The band departs from the Quiet Riot Bang Your Head Tour on July 25th and continues on solo for another 19 dates with unannounced performances ahead.

To get the details on the BulletBoys, visit the official website at: http://www.bulletboysofficial.com

CLICK HERE to view more photos from the show.

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