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IMG_1839SCREAMER (JANUARY 1989) COVER smallScreamer Magazine’s history with BulletBoys dates all the way back to 1988, when they were packing clubs on the Sunset Strip and we were asking the labels, “Why haven’t you signed these guys?”  Twenty-seven years later, they’re packing clubs on the Sunset Strip and we’re asking labels, “What took you so long to sign these guys?”  In all fairness, bands are far more shrewd these days when it comes to signing record deals, particularly bands such as who’ve been down that road before.  So for Marq Torien and company to ink a deal with Cleopatra Records indicates that they must both really believe in each other.  So on March 19, 2015 Cleopatra Records recording artists, BulletBoys took the stage of The Whisky A Go Go with both barrels blazing to the delight of a packed house.  Kicking off their approximately 60-minute set with the 1988 classic Hard As A Rock, they made it very clear, they were there for more than target practice!

IMG_1874Torien’s quartet is rounded out with longtime guitarist Nick Rozz, bassist Aaron Samson and drummer Shawn Duncan, all of whom play well together and seem to feed off one another.  Blasting through a very high-energy set, which included such fan favorites as, Hell On My Heels, Kissin’ Kitty, THC Groove and For The Love Of Money, Torien jumped and gyrated throughout the set, grabbing, rubbing, strumming and picking his favorite blue Gibson Les Paul.  In the original BulletBoys line-up, Torien had hung up his axe to front the band with his mic alone, but he seems every bit as comfortable, if not more so, with his curvy blue baby slung over his shoulder.

IMG_1823In a day and age where sampling, synths and silicone dominate the music industry (the last one always has and always will and we’re ok with that), it’s refreshing to see a rock band not succumb to the easy way out.  Incorporating a group of female back-up singers, The Pistolettes and a three-piece horn section known as The BullHorns, brought a full-fledged, old school, rock n’ roll show to The Whisky A Go Go.  While most bands seen to be scaling back, these guys are going against the trend and they should be applauded for that.  Playing music from 10 Cent Billionaire, Road To Nowhere, as well as from their upcoming release Elefanté, Symphony, the crowd’s response seemed very favorable.   As they neared the end of their set, you could sense the audience’s anticipation for their breakout hit Smooth Up In Ya and they didn’t disappoint as Torien’s vocals carried the day.  Closing their set with a rousing rendition of Elton John’s The Bitch Is Back, the horn section really shined on this number and made their presence known.  As the show closed, the lights came up and the crowd began to filter out of the club it was evident that BulletBoys gave everyone what they came for—a good time!

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