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Chrome DivisionWelcome to the world of “Doomsday Rock n’ Roll” according to this Scandinavian juggernaut!  This quintet is proud to announce to the globe that they are ready to unleash their fourth studio album, and it packs quite a punch.  Guitars are cranked up loud with a smooth edge to their presence as a vocal delivery not too far removed from the lead vocals of fellow Scandinavian hard rockers Lordi growl and spit with evil intent.

After the misguided title of opening instrumental Good Morning Riot, which isn’t anything like the loud and brash slap around the face that it implies, the following track and first single Endless Nights kicks the listener in the head with a satisfactory groove.  The momentum is not lost as (She’s) Hot Tonight molest the senses and the constant tirade doesn’t let up with the excellent The Absinthe Voyage.

don’t just hammer at the door, they can offer up some welcome caress too.  With edges so rough and without losing their doomsday approach, the reflective Lady of Perpetual Sorrow provides a change of pace.  Power chords aren’t far away, but there is an evident acoustic presence to offer something new.  Other examples that showcase their thunderstorm of sound include No Bet for Free and On the Run Again.  If it is the more adventurous journeys they take that interest you, then The Moonshine Years might satisfy the craving, clocking in just less than six minutes in length. 

Infernal Rock Eternal contains 12 tracks that are loud and proud as it cruises on the dirtiest diesel known to man.  Think Motörhead with their arms firmly wrapped around Lordi and you get a fair representation of what they are about musically.  Not a bad collection of tracks that bruise one moment and stagger around drunk the next, sure to please those that like their music with a modern edge and a dark soul.

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