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CLOSE YOUR EYES - Line In The SandWith a vicious assault on all senses, this Abilene, Texas-based band offers their third album, Line In The Sand. The title may serve as an accidental irony, given that all of your five senses would have quite a hard time closing down upon listening through its entirety. The caustic, and often menacing guitar rhythms are heard in a majority of their tracks, with heavy drum beats acting as a schizophrenic gatekeeper. The only question is: how far does one want to follow the path that leads to the line in the sand?

Your tour guide is their new lead vocalist, Sam Ryder, and the journey he and the band take the listener on is not for the faint of heart. There are so many twists and turns via rhythm changes, it’s hard to know which way you’re going on most of the tracks. The screeching, abrupt haults are signaled by the mega-force that is Ryder’s undeniable charged vocals. He comes out of the gate with a vengeance with on their first track, Deus Ex Machina. While this song is the shortest in length on the entire album, it locks you in and takes you up the rollercoaster hill. Once you’ve reached the crest, the pounding, maniacal guitar licks and drumming push you over, and all the while Ryder’s screams meet yours, until you’re slammed to the bottom, unsure if you want to go again.

Each track offers very similar experiences; like Burdened by Hope, Line In The Sand, and Skeletons. And then something surprising happens- the rollercoaster slows and offers up three tracks that don’t seem even in the same park; Kings of John Payne, Frame and Glass and Trends and Phases.

If you like adrenaline and the element of the unknown, then Line In The Sand will not disappoint.

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