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Land HoThe guitarist for , Brandon Washington says “Land Ho is a very natural progression from the last release.  We took some big steps in some directions we hinted at a little bit on the debut and we think it came out just how we wanted.  It’s aggressive, passionate, and just with a new bite.”  That’s an accurate summary of this second official extended player.  have really worked hard on the songs and even included two guest appearances from like-minded motivated individuals.

If you’re familiar with The Ethnographers and the band called The Future Is Me, then you’ll find Land Ho of interest as Dee Marie from the former and Paul Kelley of the latter make appearances.  Both deliver complimentary performances.

Highlights on Land Ho include the single Imaginary Houses plus If You Play That Card, I Swear with its solemn piano lead and added contribution from Marie.  The spiky Cowboys and Indie Kids keeps things alive as the whole E.P. twists and turns with shameless progressive instincts.  This E.P. starts strongly with Your Own Personal Coma and ends on a strong note with I Sure Hope You Know How to Swim.

Whether you think are emo, post hardcore, alternative rock, or anything else for that matter, isn’t too relevant on reflection.  What is important is that this seven song release is a good, solid performance that perhaps in comparison to the huge amount of competition out there, doesn’t quite have enough magic or originality to allow it to stand out from the crowd.  If you’re a fan of this sound and style, you’ll find plenty to enjoy but it is unlikely to take you away from your favourite bands.

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