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Cody Beebe & The Crooks - out hereThe music of Cody Beebe and The Crooks cannot be easily defined. Roots rock, Americana, blues-based, organic, down-home, funk the list could go on and on. The band’s sophomore album, Out Here, released on May 7th, is an eclectic musical journey that maintains a centralized sound that is uniquely them.

Out Here begins with raw, bluesy tune Alleyway and is followed by the gritty first single, Hold the Line, a song about the current hot-button issue of gun control. The video for Hold the Line had over 4,000 views in it’s first two days.

A horn section joins the band on several tracks, including  the title track, Out Here, the true story of a family’s struggle as homesteaders in Montana.

The album closes on a less gritty tone, with two slower songs, Sweep and Counting SheepSweep is a beautiful piano-based song with an alternative rock tinge to it. Counting Sheep is a sweet acoustic tune, with a message we can all relate to, the burdens that we all carry on our shoulders as we move through life and the need for rest.

Throughout the album, one can hear a grunge, or alternative rock undertone-perhaps due in part to the fact that it was recorded at Seattle’s iconic London Bridge studio where such bands as Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden have recorded legendary albums.

Cody Beebe and the Crooks cover important topics, with deep lyrics and emotional instrumentation and vocal stylings. However, there is hope behind the music that shines through. There is surely something on this album for fans of many genres, as the band seamlessly brings so many of those genres together into one. Raw, gritty, and authentic rock music is brought to the table on Out Here

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The band is:

Cody Beebe (guitar, lead vocals)

Joe Catron (hand percussion, vocals)

Brian Paxton (drums, vocals)

Eric Miller (bass, vocals)

Aaron Myers (keys, vocals)


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